Thursday, July 5, 2012

This is a peculiar place, Switzerland. Regimented, orderly--the trains run on time; everything gets recycled; clean and tidy; no run down old trucks or unkept yards in sight. To someone from the high, dry desert of New Mexico, it is also startlingly green. The window gardens, the rolling hills of the farm country, the heavy, ponderous forests--vivid, insistent shades of my favorite color.

In order to survive the jet lag upon our arrival, we decided simply to stay awake all day and keep moving. What better way to do that than take a tour of the Google headquarters in Zurich? I mean, where else would you start? (After all, we have someone on the inside.) Besides, we are here to explore the stories of bold men and matters of faith--and isn't that the story of Google? (Note: Google might be well on its way to taking over the world and it does organize information for us in an extraordinary manner, and we are relying on Google maps to get us around Europe. However, we will persist in refusing any conflation of Google with God.)

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